Spa Tails

It’s common for a client to say that their furry family member dreads going to the grooming salon– but here at the Snug Spa, we hear and see the complete opposite!

We ALWAYS get tail wags and sweet kisses from our four-legged friends when we meet in the lobby for their drop off– some pups even pull their owners straight to the spa door with their tails waving vigorously in the air!  Whatever your pet may need, from medicated treatments for their coat and skin, to luxurious full spa treatments, we as your Snug spa team never cease to give them our absolute best care and love. We treat each one as if they are our own.

From the moment their furry paws enter our spa, they immediately pick up on the relaxed atmosphere and the aromatherapy scent of oils and lavender. Did you know that lavender is the most commonly used essential oil for helping to calm animals?  It is soothing to the soul as well as to the skin for both humans and our pets! In the Snug Spa Salon we like to give our furry companions a few minutes in their own spa house to adjust and get comfortable before we begin. One of the steps we take to make sure that their stay is as relaxing and comfortable as possible, is to give them small breaks between spa services. Giving them breaks assures that they are never over-stimulated and helps to reduce stress. Our favorite step is giving them lots of love and special treats–as long as those treats are OK with Mom and Dad! Rewarding them and giving them positive reinforcement helps to boost their confidence and their trust in us!

What is most rewarding to us here in the Snug Spa Salon is seeing our guest return time after time and noticing the improvement in their skin and coat from the treatments we have applied, or noticing how much progress a rescue pup has made from their first visit to present day. Knowing that we have helped rehabilitate a soul or rejuvenated a coat warms our hearts.  We are also eager to share a new Easter Special with you that we are offering in the Snug Spa Salon for a limited time only–Top Performance Glo-Coat Conditioning Shampoo!  This particular item is a hypoallergenic conditioning pet shampoo that works hard to remove tough tangles, control static, and make coats soft and manageable. It leaves the coat feeling luxurious, with a wonderful cherry-almond scent.  This conditioning shampoo out-performs other conditioning shampoos with outstanding results!! Come on in and try Glo-Coat, our Easter gift to you and our furry pals!

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