To Daycare or Not To Daycare….

When deciding if your dog might be a good candidate for daycare, there are a few things to consider first. Some dogs are very social, love the interaction of daycare, and love playing all day with their best friends. Other dogs are more anti-social, don’t enjoy being away from their normal environment, and prefer not to be in daycare. Living in San Diego, most of us take our dogs to the dog beach or the dog park starting at a young age. When dogs are introduced to groups of dogs in this manner, starting young, they will be more willing to enjoy the benefits of daycare. Some dogs that are adopted or that change homes late in life and are not raised in a dog beach environment, tend to not enjoy a daycare atmosphere as much. Deciding on whether your dog is a good candidate for daycare has a lot to do with how they were raised and where they came from. Discussing your dog’s history with a professional trainer is a good way to know for sure if your dog really will enjoy daycare.

Not all dogs love daycare. You may find that some dogs love daycare some days, but other days they seem to not want to join in on the fun. This can be for a few reasons– one of them being that the pack changes on a daily basis.  This can affect your dog’s attitude towards the daycare experience. For example, say there is a young boisterous puppy in daycare and it wants to be EVERYONE’S best friend– chances are an older, more mature dog won’t have as much fun being annoyed by such a pup. The same would go if the roles were reversed and there was a bouncing puppy that was surrounded by older more sedate dogs–he probably wouldn’t have a great time that day either. Dogs are a lot like us and often have mood swings just like us. Ask yourself this question….do you love ALL your co-workers EVERY single day? Most likely the answer is no. The same goes for dogs. They tend to get moody sometimes and may not enjoy the dogs in daycare that they would normally love. It’s important to always ask the daycare attendant how your pet did that day and if they are still enjoying their daycare experience.

Daycare can be very beneficial for your pet. It gives them the opportunity to burn mental and physical energy, it can promote weight loss, they gain socialization skills, and it can even help with separation anxiety. If you have an active or young bored puppy, daycare is a great answer. Check with your dog trainer to make sure your pet is a good candidate and is ready for daycare. Remember, like any daycare, THERE ARE RISKS. Dogs communicate with their mouths. Even the most expertly managed daycare facilities can have an accident here or there, just like at any dog park. Make sure you know all the requirements and safety measures that your pet’s daycare has in place before dropping them off.  Daycare can be an awesome solution for busy parents that want their furry kids taken care of. Done the right way daycare can be a blast for dogs…and owners!! Feel free to ask our front desk about our great daycare packages. 

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