Our Services & Rates

Deluxe Suite$78per day

  • Private room approximately 200 square feet. Private window with outdoor view, wood flooring, frequent outdoor time in private area and music. Fed own food twice a day. Includes comfortable bedding.

    (No medication administration fees for suite guests)
  • $47* Day Stay
  • $48* Additional Roomate

Luxury Suite$100per day

  • Our largest private room, with a private window with outdoor view. Flatscreen TV, personal web cam and music. Fed own food twice a day, plus private play area and own comfortable Snug Collection furniture. Also includes two group playtimes and an evening stroll before bed.

    (No medication administration fees for suite guests)
  • $72* Day Stay
  • $48* Additional Roomate

SkyView Cat Condos$36per day

  • include amazing (excuse the pun) bird’s eye view for all your kitty friends to watch what is going on at SNUG all day. Daily exercise time allows your kitty to hang out and sunbathe or play around on all the jungle gyms privately.
  • $22 Day Stay
  • $31 Additional Roomate


Single Dog

More Than One Dog


$30 per day

$25 each additional pet

5-Day Work Week Pass


10% off additional package

10-Day Work Week Pass


10% off additional package

1-Month Unlimited


10% off additional package

Half Day


$15 each additional pet

90-Day Package (No Expiration)


10% off additional pet

Training During Daycare


Each 15 min. lesson

Private Daycare


Daycare for the pet that prefers to fly solo.


Individual Playtime

For the pet that loves to be outside with friends hanging out by the pool or chasing a ball! 30 minutes each time. $10


Who couldn’t use a little more tender, lovin’ care? If you think your best friend might need some while staying with us, we would love to do it. 15 minutes each time. $8

Group Play

For the dogs that love to be playing with their friends or just hanging out under the tree with them, this is the perfect additional outdoor time. $8

Providing Food

Here at Snug we prefer to keep your dog on his or her usual diet, but if that can’t happen, we can feed them our food. We feed premium food. $2 per feeding

Bully Stick or Other Boutique Munchie

Around here, so much fun is had that sometimes our guests get the munchies midday. We would be happy to make sure your pet stays energized while having fun. $5

Chauffer Service

We can pick up or drop off your pet if needed. We offer door-to-door service. $8 within 5 miles, $1 each mile over

Sport Package

Let your pet get in shape while staying at Snug. Package includes play time everyday, an extra walk around Snug and a training lesson everyday. $50 additional per day

Snug Spa

We offer all kinds of wonderful spa and grooming services for your pet. Please be sure to check out our grooming page for more information. Click here for grooming