The Fendi Animal Foundation

Fendi Foundation The Fendi Animal Foundation was created in loving memory of the Tomlinson’s Yorkshire Terrier whom they lost to a horrible coyote attack. During the process of receiving care to save Fendi’s life, Mrs. Tomlinson was faced with some significant veterinary bills. At one point, Mrs. Tomlinson inquired about the options for other owners if those bills could not be paid. Hearing that in most cases pet owners would have to opt for euthanasia, the SNUG team decided to create a fund to help those cases from happening.

The Fendi Animal Foundation is here to help support pet owners in paying for care for their pet…

  • Medical Coverage
  • Training coverage for dogs in need of specialized training
  • Long term boarding for active military who do not want to have to give up their pet
  • Providing equipment for service animals that need it.

If your pets have certain needs and you are wondering if this foundation could possible help you, please contact us at: 858-643-0010